Anyone at Level3?

Looking for someone at Level3.

While this pales in comparison to Cisco's DoS situation, my home DSL connection is currently getting slammed by a Level3 customer who has in the past week attempted to send me 2.6 million email messages in bursts that are swamping my connection--even though I reject them before we get the DATA.

I've sent messages to Level3 abuse and securityoperations addresses several times over the past week, and I've called them on the phone. They downloaded my log file, but they've done nothing to either respond, or deal with the problem.

It's not like the guy is an unknown quantity, see:
He's known for the fact that he ignores 5x SMTP codes. Which is all very fine, but it doesn't explain why he's trying to blast me off the net.

Just rejected another 10,000 connection attempts as I wrote this.