anybody from Amsterdam Internet Exchange (ams-ix) to help?

Hello Everybody,
Is there anybody from Amsterdam IX here?
I have some questions about concept of IXP.
If anybody else have enough information about IXP's please give me message
off the list.

Dear Shahab,

Please conact me directly

kind regards

  - Henk Steenman, AMS-IX

there is a huge amount of information on the net. have you done any homework?

brief summary, an exchange is a shared fate transport where an ISP can exchange traffic
with two or more other participants on the exchange.

most of the traffic exchange is done via "peering" with the BGP protocol.

Bill Norton has written about peering.
Bill Woodcock has built on the old EP.NET data and has a fairly comprehensive set at PCH.NET
Current discussion is being held in the OpenIX forums.
IXPs are even a part fo the next ITU framework.

Care to refine your question a bit?