Anybody at email services?

We're having trouble with ATT delaying our email. They are using a
"grey-listing" technique to filter spam. Their mail servers give a
"deferred" message and ask you to resend your email two hours later.
The mail is allowed through on the retry. This filters out most spam,
because most spam engines ignore return codes and will not retry. This
is causing problems, because our mail servers are getting all clogged up
with email to customers and slowing down.

Our difficulty has been in finding someone at AT&T to speak with about
this. Can somebody from help Netflix?



Our email to has been going through w/o any problems and we
actually have a lot of emails going there. It may be your IP's are
being flagged as passable for some reason and is causing the resend
action. This is the first I have heard of they delaying any email like
this though.

You can try but I think all that email gets ignored.