Any2 Los Angeles down again

Does anybody know if there’s an alternative to Any2 Los Angeles with predictable uptime and enough members in LA?

It’s the second outage this month and we’ve observed at least 7 outages in the past year and we didn’t even receive any maintenance notice or RFO.

Likewise, I wouldn't be adverse to exploring options - I noticed a handful of peers disappear about an hour ago (most are still up). A week or so back we lost most if not all...

Then again, we had a different IX in San Francisco stop talking LACP with us out of the blue yesterday, for reasons still unknown but since fixed. (Siyuan Miao) wrote:

Does anybody know if there's an alternative to Any2 Los Angeles
with predictable uptime and enough members in LA?

Sure, there's NYIIX LA. Tried searching peeringdb?


And instead of building out in LA where there’s an obvious need, DE-CIX chose Chicago, where there are already several IXes running.

Isn’t ANY2 LA collapsing VLANs today? They sent a notice out about it yesterday AM.


Down again.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to subscribe to Coresite’s maintenance notifications. Not sure it needs to be duplicated as a notification service to nanog@.

Status: Scheduled
Risk: Interruption to primary connectivity
MaintenanceType: Emergency Maintenance
Reason for Work: Network Engineering will be performing emergency linecard reloads on our core switches in the LA market in order to alleviate issues caused by software bugs. When the reloads complete, we will bring the route server interfaces back online. We disabled the route server interfaces in attempt to mitigate any potential traffic blackholing due to the MAC learning bug.

Risk Mitigation: Best practice and procedures will be employed throughout this event and we would like to ensure that all relevant tenants are aware of the activity.


I'm kind of curious what the actual problem is. I'm on Any2 in LA, but I haven't been affected yet. I do see other peers go offline, but only ever a subset, so whatever is happening is not affecting everyone. Unfortunately the notices are pretty generic.

Anyone else seeing problems with Any2 LAX right now (9:50 Pacific time)? I'm seeing packet loss to Microsoft AS8075 through but not Unsure if this is yet another repeat of recent Any2 issues or limited to AS8075.

It went down again today and last Sunday.

And yes, we can see with heavy packet loss too. They said that they will send us a RFO last Friday but I haven’t got one.