Any2 Exchange experiences to share?

  I am interested to hear any experiences with the Any2 Exchange at One Wilshire Blvd, especially regarding performance and reliability to the other exchange participants in comparison to routing to the same networks via Tier 1 transit providers.
         We are in San Diego and have easy access to the exchange via transport offered by our data center facility who does have physical presence at OWB, but *we* are not physically in OWB, ~4.5ms away and some $ for transport to OWB. All things considered, the cost will be about the same to route via Tier 1 transit providers from San Diego as it will be to transport to OWB to the exchange. The basic question is, "Does it improve my network enough to connect to the exchange?"

Thank you for your help!

If it's cost neutral, I'd go with peering.

Additional vectors / choices are always useful. Plus as your network grows, you will get a cost benefit from the peering as that is fixed-cost. (Actually a step function as you upgrade, but you get the point.)

Any2 runs a fine IX. Very few problems. OWB has had some issues with power in the past, but I think (hope) they are all resolved.