Any recommended router. They are reliable and have good support.


Can I know any selection of Linux routers except cisco / juniper?

They are reliable and have good support provided

We would like to get one for testing.

Thank you

+1 MikroTik might be worth checking.

Brocade have some reasonable boxes.

mikrotik family .. you can have all sizes and shapes of routers ..
lots of support available online or from independent consultants.


Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet& Telecom

Has anybody had experience of mikrotik support? Is it any good? Any thoughts about the time to fix bugs?

MT is very responcive
fast bug fixs and very organised RouterOs releases
i use it a lot and have a hell load of features
support all major routing protocols BGP, OSPF / OSPFv3, RIP/RIPNG, PIM for multicast, MME for wireless and much more.
thank you

I have used quite a few of their devices and have been impressed. The bang for your buck is unlike anything else. I sometimes wonder why I bother buying other kit, apart from the larger boxes.

Maybe I'll find a bug and test them out :wink:

I prefer Freebsd.
Take a look on BSDRP (BSD Route Project).

Imagestream is *nix based and has excellent customer service.

One important feature for me is MPLS/VPLS support.

+1 MikroTik

> Can I know any selection of Linux routers except cisco / juniper?

I prefer Freebsd.
Take a look on BSDRP (BSD Route Project).

The problem with this is to find good hardware for it, that is
affordable, robust, and does not uses the power of a desktop pc.

I agree, but with Intel hardware, that's not a problem.

If you are not afraid of the command line check xorp it is what vyatta is
based on.

Vyatta uses Quagga for the protocol stack. We switched away from XORP a few years ago.


One missing feature in MikroTik is IS-IS.

I've had one major, glaring issue with RouterBoard/Mikrotik. Quite often, I
will configure a new router/AP/whatever Mikrotik device and it simply will
not work. The config is correct, but the device just won't work properly
(sometimes it won't pass data, it won't bridge correctly, VLAN membership
isn't correct, etc). However, if I reset the device to factory settings
(Which takes forever because you have to find the little metal half circles
and use a flat-head screwdriver to bridge them) and redo the EXACT same
config everything will magically work.

This annoyance hasn't been enough to make me switch to another brand yet,
but I know every time I have to deploy a new device I'm likely to wrestle
this issue.

--Thomas York

Having worked with approx 10-15 units of RouterBoards, I cannot say that I have see this issue.

Could it be some sort of a software bug ? we typically update the mikrotik OS and Firmware before we deploy.

Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet& Telecom

+1 Faisal
never has any kind of issue with RouterBoards :slight_smile:
Faisal, please contact me offlist