Any from PSI on this list?

I can't seem to reach anyone at PSI who knows what I am talking about, so
I thought I would try here.

Lately, our connectivity to PSI has gotten worse; to the point where
customers complaing about getting to sites from PSI.

The thing is, PSI has a 'MEGA-PoP' about 14 feet away from me at 33
Whitehall Street, in NYC.

I know PSI peers there with a few folks; are they adding? How do you
become considered for peering with PSI?

Thanks for your time.


  We executed peering agreements with PSI in May (1997) for peering at
MAE-EAST and MAE-WEST (signed, mailed, etc...)

  One of our engineers contacted them last week to turn up these peering
sessions and was told by PSI that even though we have an executed peering
agreement with you, "our routers at the MAE's are overloaded and we are not
currently turning up any new peers."