ANS routes (was Re: Best way to deal with bad advertisements?)


If there is a route object in the RADB for the /24 we will set policy
according to the origin AS of the RO. If you can't get rid of a bogus
RADB RO, ask us we can create exceptions for AS based policy on a per
prefix basis. If there is no RO, we won't listen to the /24 so we
won't hear the bogon, just the /16. This is temporarily moot since we
have 2 routers in AS1673 that can't handle the policy filters.

The bottom line is the IRR helps keep connectivity in the face of this
sort of problem where you are claiming it hurts.

Is there any way of determining which routes ANS are filtering out
(other than noticing customer X can't reach you all of a sudden),
or trying to filter out as is the case currently.

How about a daily mailing which would encourage people to register
routes in the appropriate IRR as well as allow us to preempt our
slower learning BGP downstreams into warning them they are about to
have a problem when they start using a new block they haven't registered
a routing policy (yep, they *should* know this by now).

Or a web site. Even if it just does the equivalent of the Digex l/g.

Your NOC are normally v. helpful, but I'm sure it would save you
some man hours.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks