Another one bites the dust

Stephen - although you have often been a valuable contributor to the NANOG
list, you received your "last warning" about list AUP violations last
spring. Because of your non-operational post below, and your gratuitous
mention of Hitler, which could be offensive to some, we have removed your
posting privileges from the NANOG list for a period of four months.
Please refer to the AUP:

Susan Harris, Ph.D.
Merit Network/Univ. of Mich.

Now perhaps this is a little off, but given the logic that you suggest his
mention of He Who Had a Short Mustache might be offensive (by merely
mentioning the name)... Aren't you therefore guilty of the same offensive
violation? Gratuitous mentioning does imply that there is a context, and
the context is something that would/should/could become offensive.


Seems odd. Humor is good occasionally. Oblique and non-meritorious
censorship, however, is not.

Bear in mind, I apparantly haven't paid attention or noticed any of his past
behavior that may have warranted this. But it seems equally
counter-productive to the operation of the list for what he did as what you
did in order to let him know that.



Better have a professional remove that fishhook from your cheek. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I noticed the different sender when I went back. (ah well...)

Need more caffeine today. :slight_smile: (Although it's hard to drink with the hole
left by the fishhook)