Another hijacked range???

Why didnt the County file charges? hijacking... thats terrorism right? :slight_smile:

This is not the same "hijacking" and you know it!

But they can file charges for identity fraud and theft of resources. For
FBI to investigate they want $5000 of losses from the victim (or victims).

Also when IP block is sold, this is profiting from illegally obtained
goods (well not "goods" but they can classify it as such). This is fraud
of different type (as somebody else pointed legally this would be
"Pecunary fraud through misrepresentation of ownership") and they can
also prosecute those who got the money but again highier amounts then
$500 are needed for them to get really into this. Multiple confirmed
cases of buying ip blocks from the same person/groupwould help there.

(Note: I incidently posted reply to this email on another mail list,
       apologies to those who have see this twice)

and woah, what is this? :slight_smile:


Ah, that is just Max Sutter trying to get rid of his recently purchased (or possibly some other similarly obtained) ip block (and
yes, I'v already reported it to ebay)
Join the email list - we're just talking about him.

BTW, If C&W here and listing, please stop routing that ip
block - it belongs to (see whois on them to verify) also
known as (all reported to them on June 1st, but haven't
heard from them about it yet, so not 100% sure if they got the message
and are doing something). If you need more evidence, send me private email
and I'll let you know where to find a file about it.

And C&W - you might also want to consider taking back,
this is also going to the company controlled by Max Sutter and is used
by him to host dns and for various websites - do whois on
("whois -h") then do whois on - which is actually
" (". Then do whois on
"" and you'll get an idea. Again if you
need more info, just ask me or look up various various files at