Another Data Center Fire

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Wow, second problem at a major hosting center inside a week.

- From Rackshack:

At just after 7 PM CST, a major transformer in the Rackshack data
center parking lot exploded. At this time, it is still on fire.

We have implemented our emergency response plans.

Our backup generators are working as designed and a fuel truck has
been dispatched.

We are also bringing in 2 truck mounted generators as additional
backup due to teh length of time we anticipate running on generator.

LIMITED staff is working in the building at this time as a precaution.

HOWEVER, our full management and administrative staff has been
dispached to the facility.

Please bear with us if you have reboot or restore tickets pending, we
will get to them as fast as possible given the limited in building

Just to put the magnitude of this in perspective, we currently have 8
fire trucks, 6 vpolice cars, and two ambulances on our property and in
the roadway ... this in addition to several news helicopters.

Thanks for your patience.

- --
Allan Liska