Announcing BGPlay - A Tool Hosted By the RIPE NCC that Visualises BGP Updates

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Dear All,

The Roma Tre University Computer Networks Research Group and the RIPE
NCC are pleased to announce BGPlay, a new beta tool that can
visualise BGP updates in the Routing Information Service's (RIS)
database. Its animated, interactive graphical display makes it easier
to interpret how BGP updates affect the routing of a specific prefix
than by analysing the updates themselves. For an idea of what BGPlay
can do, please visit the BGPlay web page at:

and click on the screenshot for an interactive help page.

BGPlay was developed by the Computer Networks Research Group at Roma
Tre University, and is hosted by the RIPE NCC, who provide direct
access to the RIS database.

Links to Respective Groups:
* RIPE NCC Routing Information Service:
* Roma Tre Computer Networks research Group:

Please note that BGPlay requires the Java browser plug-in version 1.4
or above (you can download it at if
you don't have it). If you have the Java plug-in installed, click on
one of the links below for examples of BGPlay in action:

1. I.Net adds a new upstream:

2. Deutsche Telekom starts announcing a new network:

3. A local instance of F root is leaked globally:

4. An anycast prefix with multiple origin ASes:

For more information on BGPlay and to run queries of your own, visit
the BGPlay web page at

Please send your comments to and

Kind regards,

Roma Tre University Computer Networks Research Group & the RIS Team