Announcing BGP-SRx 0.3.0 service release

This is to announce the BGP Secure Router Extension (BGP-SRx) Version 0.3 Prototype Implementation.
This release includes extensive performance and robustness improvements,
multi router support, re-design/re-write of the Quagga integration,
and many bug fixes.

BGP-SRx is an open source reference implementation and research platform
for investigating emerging BGP security extensions and supporting protocols.
The BGP-SRx suite consists of three parts:
(1) SRx Server, (2) SRx API, and (3) Quagga-SRx (which integrates the SRx API
into the Quagga router).
The focus is on origin validation, although it is designed to be extended to
path validation. Stub functionality for path validation is included in this

Additionally, this release contains an SRx client/server test harnesses and a
simple RPKI validation cache simulator (VCS). The VCS allows to manually
feed ROA information into BGP-SRx server using the RPKI to Router protocol (rfc6810)
as well as WireShark modules for debugging.

For more information on BGP-SRx, and to download the prototype and tools, see:

Comments and feedback about BGP-SRx are welcome. See the project page for details.

Oliver Borchert