Announcement: SwissIX offers free Peering Ports

Dear all,

SwissIX is happy to announce that, effective October 1st, 2004, recurring fees for peering ports will be waived. No more monthly or yearly charges - thanks to all SwissIX sponsors!

Swissix (Swiss Internet Exchange) is a non-profit association and operates a distributed peering platform within Switzerland. We are pleased to welcome ISP's, carriers, hosting companies and enterprise networks as members and participants.

Currently four locations are online: InterXion Glattbrugg (Zurich), IXEurope Datacenter 1 and 2, Zurich and iwb Telehouse Basel. Until end of 2004, three more locations (Bern, Zurich, Vaduz FL) will host an expansion switch of SwissIX.

More info:

Best regards,

Fredy K�nzler
President of the SwissIX association