Merit Network, Inc. is pleased to announce the first production-quality
release of the Internet Routing Registry Daemon (IRRd). Source code, manuals
and binaries are now *freely* available from:


IRRd is an optimized, multi-threaded IRR database server with support for a
complete set of RIPE-181 registry services, including: whois queries, an
interactive Cisco-like configuration/management interface, remote registry
mirroring, email/tool object submissions, and password/PGP. IRRd also includes
private database support, security access lists, and an expanded query

We encourage providers actively using the RADB (and other IRR registries) in
production for the generation of router access lists/config files to run a
local, mirroring copy of the IRRd server.

IRRd has served as the production RADB routing registry daemon since
early February.

Note: Complete RPSL support will be available with IRRd-2.0 (beta release
scheduled for late May). If you are interested in serving as an alpha tester
for IRRd-2.0 please send email to

-- The IRRd Development Team