Announce: BGP-Inspect sites for non-routeviews data...


I wanted to drop a quick note to let people know about the
availability of additional BGP-Inspect sites based on data other than
the routeviews data which we have been supporting till now. This
should provide much better visibility than before.

The new sites are:
- BGP-Inspect-RIPE(
      RIPE BGP update data, Data from Dec 8 2005 onwards
- BGP-Inspect-Merit(
      Merit BGP update data, Data from Nov 11 2005 onwards

They can also be reached from the "about" page in the main site:

Also, a new feature that we wanted to announce that has not seen a lot of use is the ability to select multiple "peers" in a single query. This
allows you to query for a prefix/AS across multiple peers with a single
query. Just hold down the ctrl key to select the peers you wish to query.

Comments are welcome (offlist please).