[announce-all] NAC Maintenance this weekend (fwd)

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Subject: Re: [announce-all] NAC Maintenance this weekend (fwd)

The last time a transformer blew near my house, all that happened is
that some of the neighbors lost power for a while.

Well, some years ago, I called the building maintenance guy to tell him about a rattling transformer (about 2KAmp). He told me to get out of there fast. Turned out to be a broken cooling fan making noise. Another employer used to do some odd things with power, which eventually blew out their tranformer. Took 3 of those semi trailers with 1Megawatt generators running for a week while repairs were made.

So, I don't doubt that a generator test, or rather the sudden interruption of load, could result in a tranformer failure and the damage as described. Its just that sort damage would make news that could be found. Maybe we are just bad searchers...