animations from "Making Sense of BGP" talk available

Cool tool! It's amazing to see BGP in action and what 'really' happens. A
comment: could you define the number of prefixes a little more? E.g., is it
the total imported and exported across the link, imported only, exported
only, context dependent, etc.


Joe Loiacono

                      Van Jacobson
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                      02/11/2004 02:14
The animations from Tina Wong's "Making Sense of BGP" talk at NANOG-30
this morning are available at:

The animations are in SVG (a W3C graphics standard) and should be
viewable in any web browser but you'll probably have to download an SVG
plugin first (there's a link to Adobe's free plugin at the top of the
web page).

If you play with the stuff, we'd welcome coments, suggestions, whatever.

  - Tina, Cengiz & Van