An end to spam through Graphnet

Jon taught J.D. to suck eggs thusly:
        > I just implemented the check_* stuff on my works
        > great and was fairly easy to do...

    I noticed that the LocalIP stuff wasn't actually working, but haven't
    had a chance to check into why yet... Anybody actually seen that one
    in action?

I've been using it successfully for several months, and have the LocalUser
thing setup such that I can exempt certain addresses (the vocal
complainers who travel or have accounts with multiple providers) from the
anti-relaying rules. Have a look at
It's based largely Claus's rules, but tries to explain them a bit more.

"How do I configure my router for that?": You run sendmail on your router?!?

Did you restart sendmail? If your LocalIP class is a flat file like
F{LocalIP} as opposed to a database class like K{LocalIP}, then you have
to restart (not kill-hup) sendmail to force the class to be reread.

And now back to your regularly scheduled NANOG program.