Amazon Prime Video IP reputation

Does anybody know which IP reputation service Amazon uses for Prime video? Within the last couple of hours several of our CGNAT publics are showing up as VPN or proxy when someone tries to watch Amazon video.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

That’s probably going to be a common theme with CGN and is a really good reason to make IPv6 available to as many of your customers as possible.


Yes, but historically, Amazon hasn’t been very IPv6 friendly. Has that shifted?

I’m having the same with one of my valid IPv4 /21 right now. Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Hulu confirmed. Just started within the last couple days.

Joshua Stump

Network Admin



We found that seems to match up with the CGNATs that we are having the most trouble with. They indicated a 1-3 day turnaround in responding to mis-classifications. We might have to make a habit of calling them every 30 minutes until they do something.

I’ve had a couple calls over the weekend from customers that got blocked. Was there any resolution to this or place to contact them? TBW page is only a link to the forums.

Geoguard takes care of Amazon and are usually responsive.

Nathan Gerencser, Network Engineer
MetaLINK Technologies

So far, the only provider that’s given us a positive confirmation has been GeoComply/GeoGuard. Still working on getting resolution. We’ve been able to move some CGNAT gateways to different IPs, but it only buys 3-4 days before they get flagged again.


Thanks for the update. I’m getting more and more complaints every day.

Amazon chat support asked my customer to install a VPN. That enabled the customer to watch videos. What an irony…