Amazon Peering

Hey all,

Does anyone have a direct contact to get a peering session established with Amazon at an IX? I sent a peering request Dec 2017 and two more times this Sept and Nov with no response.

I sent to and received one automated response back so I know they received my email but nothing since.

Email all of their peering db contacts.

I’ve e-mailed my contacts there a couple times on people’s behalf. No response yet.

It seems like a lot of organizations need 1 more person in their peering departments.

It seems wasteful for Amazon to connect to an IX but then ignore peering requests for a year.

They have 40G of connectivity but are unresponsive. I’ll try emailing all the other contacts listed in peeringdb.


This is a note I received on Oct18 when checking on a peering request submitted on Aug7…

“Apologies for the delays here. We have temporarily frozen IX peering as we revise some of our automation processes. I’m hopeful this will be unblocked by early November. Thank you for your continued patience.”

I hate to necro-thread , but has anyone seen any movement from Amazon on this? I just got a Strongly Worded Message about it, and according to my peering team , it’s been radio silence for months.

We circled back with them yesterday on a request we made in late November where at the time they said they wouldn’t be turned up until 2019 due to holiday network change freeze.

They responded within about 4 hours, thanked us for our patience and understanding and said we should expect them to be turned up in about 6 weeks, which is apparently their typical timing.

Thanks Jason. I’ll have my peering team take another crack at reaching out and see what happens. Appreciate it!

Let us know your success as well. I’ll hold off following up on my requests until I see that other people are successful. I don’t want to contribute to flooding them with requests.

We’ve been waiting since December 2017 with multiple followup. Their most recent response said that February would probably be when they turn us up, 15 months after our first request.

I recently had an experience of getting them to participate at local IX in Mumbai for which I am volunteering and experience was overall bad. Long delays in discussion to finally the cross-connects. During the process, we were asked for providing “our end IP” even when they told us that they no intention to peer at the route server. Somehow the process was confusing peering at IX Vs PNI.

Not sure for other locations but in India, they have a process where they expect IX operator to coordinate in setting up bilateral BGP sessions which I personally feel isn’t fair in the world of peeringdb, website and email contacts!


Definitely moving forward now. Someone from Amazon was working with my peering group and things started coming up this weekend, so it seems like they’re catching up pretty good now.

I also saw sessions come up this weekend, no routes yet though.

Similar experiences here with Amazon. Initially had semi-regular responses from their peering team, they issued LOAs, I ordered the x-connects and then radio silence for months.
At the point now where I’m disconnecting x-connects since it’s a waste of money.

Oh, you ordered cross connects for a PNI and they stopped responding mid-project? Isn’t that nice!

Yup, super professional of them.

AKA Too Big To Care. Happens a lot.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

Yup, super professional of them.

Have you tried to order a port on DirectConnect to check if it was hassleless ?

I’m sure ~ $20k/yr in time cost alone per 10G has nothing to do with that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Although to be fair, the individual from Amazon who my peering group has been working with after my first message has been really, really great. As with many things, the people are great, just not enough resources I’m sure.