Amazon Contact?

Looking to see if I can get someone at Amazon to help. Amazon Video is starting to think our CGN exit range is a VPN service (It isn't)


I'll try and beat Mike to this:

   TheBrothersWISP – IP Geolocation and VPN Resources

The above has contact info for a number of orgs to resolve geolocation & VPN problems, including Amazon. Work in progress.

-- Stephen

Any other ISPs that are having this issue with Amazon Prime Video, please contact me for real time help off-list. It does appear that several of the reports also involve other streaming platforms, but at least for Amazon I can get a ticket open to investigate.

There are probably some updates needed to the document and I will reach out to Mike H separately about that, but those updates may not happen in real time.


Amazon’s vendor responsible for this got a ticket from Amazon this morning (and I sent them a generic contact us form message on Monday). They emailed me a few minutes ago and said they white listed the one /32 I had complaints for.

I detailed our subnet, but I suspect since we only had the one /32 with complaints they won’t be doing any whitelisting on the entire subnet.