Amazon Abuse contact


If there is a Amazon Abuse person our there or if someone has a good contact to someone at Amazon can you message me off-list.

We have put in some Abuse request a couple of days ago and have not heard back. It would be great to talk with someone about an issue effecting one of our clients and the use of Amazon. (Cloud instances I believe)

Thank you in advance.


FWIW, I had an issue with a DoS attack from an EC2 machine, and it
took a total of 2 weeks for them to take the box offline, despite the
attack going on the entire time (and being a really obvious UDP

I imagine that is their turnaround time. I found no escalation path
despite searching for phone numbers and bumping the ticket with more
info a few times.

Thank you for everyone's help. We were contacted by Amazon today.


Mark Keymer