ALTDB question.


A quick question for all.

It's my understanding that the Maintainer object needs to be created first. This is accomplished by sending the template to

This is not an automated process, but gets done manually. If there is any discrepancy then one gets a reply back with the error .

a) Am I correct in my understanding of above ?
b) Is there any auto reply to confirm email receipt ? or only replies are after the request is either complete or sent back for missing / incorrect info ?
c) What would be the appropriate amount of time to wait for such a reply ?
d) Is there a way to check to see if the Maintainer object has been created ?

Many thanks in advance.
I dealing with Altdb for the first time, so am looking for some base for what to expect and or not to expect.


Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom

Once created, your maintainer object will be visible in the whois served by

If you're just getting started with IRR, no offense intended towards ALTDB, but I'd suggest using any of the other free ones. ARIN and RIPE are both, AFAIK, free for anyone to use and support better authentication than ALTDB. Also, AFAIK, ALTDB has been a one (or few?) person volunteer effort, and from time to time, there have been service outages, reliant on one or a few people for resolution. ARIN and RIPE are staffed and better financially backed.