I notice the ALTDB.NET DNS has been updated, and WWW.ALTDB.NET goes to a
GoDaddy "parked domain" landing page, and also, email bounces. Jacked?

$ whois | grep Expiration
   Expiration Date: 08-mar-2009

Jeremy Gaddis wrote:

There was a peering issue in San Jose with XO, that impacted our operations this morning. But looks like a side effect is after the hand off to NTT.

Anyone who has an XO link can reach areas insdie NTT?

As an example our route to Salesforce /21 is via NTT and it is not happy right now.


This is from a host in XO AS2828

I can reach, for example, / AS2914
NTT-COMMUNICATIONS-2914 just fine. is also reachable, through NTT

We saw an issue with Level 3 hand off to XO in Chicago.

Stefan Molnar wrote:

We had a number of issues in the Seattle area this morning, seemed to be isolated to traffic transiting via Level 3. We were forced to turn off the connection, and it's still disabled until we get an update from XO.

Do you have the XO ticket number?

Jake Mertel wrote:

We had some hardware issues in San Jose which triggered some other
ugliness. We believe we have the issues mitigated at this time. Folks
still seeing issues are encouraged to hit me up offline.


Eric J. Mort
XO Communications
Sr. Manager - IP Operations
Desk - 314-787-7826
Cell - 314.486-9057

It just cleared up for me. Nice to have a call center complain constantly.


Our office has XO, and sent an email out complainging about Salesforce.....In Chicago.


Stefan Molnar wrote:

No joy from our (AS293) perspective. I still see traffic to XO at SJ
eqx-sj-rt1-re1> traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets

Works fine from Ashburn, though. I've pref'ed XO down at SJ until it is
working again.

I did some preliminary tests static-routing some prefixes that were not working earlier over our XO connection and everything seemed fine. I went ahead and turned the session back up, no reports of trouble yet. I'll update if we have any issues.