ALTDB - Getting records removed

Hi All,

Recently acquired a new 2-byte AS number from ARIN. It had a previous owner
whom had records setup at ALTDB.

I've sent emails to request removal but haven't heard anything back.

Any tips or a different venue I can use to get in touch with the altdb

The altdb email system should have been fixed earlier today. You may want to try to reach out to them again.


Ditto also interested have dozens of old entries from previous delegations would like to see cleaned up but my google-foo tells me it's been a nonresponsive black hole several years now that probably should just go away if it's not going to be maintained properly. I think my favorite is the "Is anyone still maintaining thread from April 2011.

As stated yesterday, email was fixed on AltDB yesterday. Please try again.


Are you referring to auto-dbm@ email, or the db-admin@ one? I emailed db-admin@ about 15 hours ago, and haven't heard back (although it didn't bounce this time!) Not sure what sort of response time to expect from a free service though.