alexandria cable cutters?

nyt reports capture of scuba divers attempting to cut telecom egypt
undersea fiber.


how likely is it that a diver can cut an armored cable close to shore?
without using explosives I mean...

Its quite easy with a Thermal Lance...

I'm trying to make sense of this..

- Welding Gear is expensive, underwater gear is insanely expensive.
- Welding is pretty difficult..
- Underwater welding requires knowledge of SCUBA *AND* welding techniques
under water.
- There are 8 undersea cables located near the cable that was being cut.
- There are a TON of EDFA's in the area, which are much easier to destroy.
- Of the 8 undersea cables leaving Alexandria, only one was being tampered

Does this not look like something that is either state sponsored, or
someone trying to break a certain circuit? Obviously we won't know for
some time what the circumstances were (if ever), but going after a
specific cable with a welder sounds like someone had a real reason. And if
this *WAS* state sponsored, I would be really curious as to why they did
not use regular UDT guys with regular UDT stuff that goes boom under
water. Not to mention the fact that they were using a welder, underwater,
on a 15kV -48VDC fiber optic plant in dirty(ish) salt water - which sounds
like a pretty bad idea.

The oil services industry has rather frequent application for cutting metal objects under-water.

sure, if you want to hang around and see the cut and perhaps do
something about it...
if you just want to drop-and-go... wrapping the cable in a
pound/half-kilo of semtex/c4 will do fine.

I'd expect 'alquaida' type folk to have easier access to explosives
than a thermal lance as well.



I think I missed a step here. Where is the reference to the welding equipment coming from?

The photos show three scuba tanks and a float. I don't see any mention of welding equipment in the NYT or Guardian pieces, or in the Egyptian Navy's statement or photos.


This was in reply to a posting that brought up the possible usage of a
Thermal Lance.

Thermal Lances can be started with various heat sources. Some are self
contained for emergency use.

Thermal Lances can be started with various heat sources. Some are self
contained for emergency use.

either way, there's no mention of such a device in the reporting... or