I just want to publicly say hats off to Akamai today.

We have seen spikes on our Akamai server before, but nothing like it has been
in the last few days with the Canadian hockey live streaming.

IOS7 release from Apple spiked it, but today, almost 800 megs of traffic coming
off our server currently with the mens US/Canada match up.

Tip of the hat to you folks.

Hats off? They're not even sending the streams through TORIX which seems like a big day FAIL to me.

I would have figured an IX like that would have something there? Even BCNet has some akamai stuff
within their network.

We are pretty small in the scheme of things and have had Akamai for quite a few years, but this is the biggest event we have ever
seen on our server.

They have TORIX connections, but they didn't seem to send the stream traffic through them.


We do have an issue at the TorIX.

We have isolated it to a hardware bug impacting our networking and
we're working to get it fixed ASAP. It's not likely to be entirely
fixed prior to the end of the Winter Olympics. We have a workaround
that should allow us to serve more traffic locally again. Apologies.


-M< (20940)