Akamai Traffic Spikes

We were trying to diagnose an issue we had around 1 PM EDST, and were looking at net flow data. The data indicated a significant change in our traffic patterns, all coming from Akamai address space. The Akamai utilization graphs show a near doubling of retail traffic in the same time period that we had traffic spikes. Does anybody have any idea what caused such a major surge in traffic?


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Akamai is happy to discuss traffic to individual ASes with those ASes. Please be sure to send e-mail from a verifiable address in that AS if you want information about that AS.

If you are a peer, the standard peering@akamai.com address works.

If you have Akamai boxes on your network, you can open a ticket with the Network Support group at NetSupport-tix@akamai.com.

Our 24/7 NOC, noc@akamai.com, can help with emergency problems, such as a congested link. However, you will have to reach one of the other groups for in-depth, historical traffic investigation.

Or you can find one of the Akamai people at NANOG. :slight_smile:

As for this specific problem, I haven't an idea what happened. I can tell you Akamai's global traffic at 1300 EDT / 1700 UTC today was actually lower than yesterday's traffic at the same time. Not sure if that means anything, though.