Akamai/Integra issue?

This morning we began having issues at one of our sites. Eventually the systems teams tracked it down to some Akamai hosted content. I did some debugs and found that traffic transiting Integra is getting back RST packets for anything at *.akamaiedge.net. I rerouted the known bad hosts through our backup provider and that resolved the issue, but more keep popping up due to DNS changes. Has anyone else had any issues with akamaiedge.net today?

If an Akamai operator is on please email me offline.

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May be the attack on Facebook put Akamai into DEFCON 1 ?


I worked with Akamai this morning but by the time they got someone to work with me the issue had resolved itself. They didn't know of any cause from their end. All seems fine now though.

Akamai has a 24/7 NOC, noc@akamai.com or +1-617-444-3007. These are published at <http://www.akamai.com/peering/> and other places.

Akamai does not watch NANOG-l 24/7.