Akamai and Instagram Ranges

Hello Hello,
Can anybody help me to find out IP Address Ranges of Akamai and Instagram?
I wanna do some optimizations on my cache side?
Thanks is a good place to start.

Justin Wilson

I do not know the difference between Akamai's corporate blocks and
those used for caching. I also do not know the value of what you're
trying to accomplish.

But searching naively, there are at least 7291 Akamai IP blocks:


Those 7291 blocks can be summarized on bit boundaries down to 172 blocks:


Using this approach is a good start, but it cannot be complete. Some
caches are colocated with ISPs and use their IP space.


Akamai does not give out the IP space they use, for good and valid reasons.

Also, Akamai -is- a cache (just pretend for sake of this argument that none of you is ridiculously overly pedantic). If you are trying to cache on-net, why not just ask them to do it for you? It’s free.

If you do not qualify for free on-net caches, and cannot peer with them anywhere, you could try doing a lookup on some popular Akamai customers, or even just www.akamai.com, then “optimize” that block. But that might not work as well as you hope. Akamai customers want to see every hit, many of them put in ‘cache busting’ code.

Good luck.

Insignificant. Dont waste any time on it. If you do have a corp question
ask peering@ to redirect.

Also read Patrick Gilmores response for color.



Instagram should be exclusively https since 2014 or so.