Akamai AANP minimum traffic?

Does anyone know what the minimum traffic is to qualify for an Akamai AANP cache?


I can't speak with authority since I'm not with Akamai, but I requested a cache maybe a year or so ago. At the time I was told they were moving away from caching unless you were doing well over 100Gbps consistently, just due to the massive scale of their data not lending itself well to caching in smaller installs. Their cache hit percentages were getting lower all the time.

They were really pushing for doing PNI or hitting them over an IXP instead.

It's possible something has changed though, just wanted to throw my experience out in case it helps. Can't hurt to reach out and make a request and see what they tell you directly. I got a response pretty quickly and they were nice about it.

John Stitt

Akamai AANP was the first CDN in my network… ~2010’ish…I forget what the minimum requirement was back then, but wanted to let you know that around 2018/2019 they started telling me they wanted to pull the caches from my network. It wasn’t until like last year sometime that they were telling me they would no longer support it and we need to work with them to drain and remove it. So we did. No more AANP for me. I think, like someone else mentioned, a tier 2/3 sized ISP like myself I think was a market they were not after anymore.


We got our caches around 2000 or so. They pulled them a few years ago.

If I recall, they couldn't put hardware with private keys loaded on them in ISP networks without them having physical security of the machines, and most of the content they were serving up seemed to need encryption.

Yep, can confirm the same thing. Rather connect over PNI when possible instead of using caches anyway, less hardware that we have to keep in colos, not to mention the associated liabilities.