Airplane crashing into Atlanta-NAP

In our previous episode, Todd Graham Lewis was heard to say:

As for geographical diversity, a fellow engineer who lives about a
quarter-mile down the road just said he, too, has free rack space with a
similar setup. However, since his is a second-floor apartment, he's
going to undercut my pricing. Bastard!

Not only that, but I'll offer free colo space to the first person to
locate an SGI Onyx 10000 in my bedroom. Colo space may also be obtained
via donation of "cool stuff".

The Hartford-Place-NAP will have better connectivity than the
Northside-Circle-NAP. We've got a 128k dedicated connection,
like the N-C-NAP, but we have the capability to bring up two
28k links to other providers for redundancy.

We run a 10mb Ethernet backbone. Cooling for the NAP is provided by
a Carrier heat pump, and a conveniently located window.

500 Northside Circle, NW
Apt S2
Atlanta, GA.

We also guarantee that if we suffer downtime due to an airplane
crash that we will refund all fees paid in full.

Operators are standing by.