Airplane crashing into Atlanta-NAP

But in Atlanta they stick it up on the 5th floor of some
office building?!?!?!?

Lets see -
  MAE-East - in a garage
  MAE-West/MFS side - 11th floor of a building
  Main Sprint POP in WDC - in a garage
  Main IXC interconnect point in LA - in an old building
  Main IXC interconnect point in Seattle - in a building

The only real 'bunkers' that I've seen are Pensauken and PAIX.

Before you start throwing too many stones at Atlanta, please compare
it with what is out there.

Most telco infrastructure is in some j-random building someplace.
Very few are real 'bunkers', however most are quite adequate. (Andrew Partan)

We actually looked at a old silo, but ran into problems getting people to
trench fiber to it. :slight_smile:

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