Airplane crashing into Atlanta-NAP

From: Michael Dillon <>
The only joke here is that some people think that the Internet exchange in
a city the size and importance of Atlanta can be adequately housed on the
5th story of an office building.

I could understand it if Atlanta had 20 or 30 exchange points, but when
there is only one exchange the city deserves better than a mickey-mouse
5th floor operation.

Michael, I often agreed with your comments on this list in the past, but
I think this one was un-called for.

I may joke at times about the chronological age, experience, and general
cluefulness of this particular vendor, but it appears that they have
already looked hard at the general size and survivability issues. Indeed,
I think that they have done a better job (on paper) than any of the
original NSF NAPs. Wait and see, the proof is in the pudding....

Moreover, it takes time for an exchange to grow. I would not expect
that the location of any NAP be fixed for all time to come.

I am a long-time advocate of building more regional exchanges, large and
small. This area of the continent _needs_ a good exchange. If this a
good geographical location, where the links of many carriers already
pass nearby, it behooves us (NANOG) to encourage the placement of an
exchange there. So, let's all get together and help make it a reality.

Or, would you rather become totally dependent on MFS in this region of
the world?

I'm still waiting to see what the peering and pricing model will be.
Anything like PAIX?
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