AGIS: ???

AGIS has been offline on the East Coast since about Tuesday. Im not sure
of the scope, but it seems pretty catastrophic [for AGIS customers].
Checking then pick any East Coast state and
unless the ISP is multi-homed, all traceroutes stop at Pennsauken

    [cut to protect the innocent]
9 ( 129 ms 185 ms 114 ms
10 * * *
11 * *^C *
12 ^C

I estimate at least 25 smaller single-homed ISP's have been entirely cut off
for days. AGIS NOC says it has MAE EAST problems (coinciding with the
transition to the Ascend GRF Monday morning?). AGIS has been stateing
that this is caused by SPAM attacks but I suspect thier upgrade to an
OC-3 ATM backbone plus the GRF is at the heart. Anyone have any more



I'm not on the list, but I periodically get traffic from it passed on to
me. Anyway, my word on the Agis outage:

Hey, at least Cyber Promotions is down with them!

Apologies to those respectable customers that have been affected.

Brent Scott