AGIS upgraded its router at the Sprint NAP to an RSP (from SP/SSP), and at
the same time had to upgrade the FDDI interface. It hasn't really worked
right since. It turns out through experimentation, any return traffic
coming through Pennsauken dies on that router. So we've essentially taken
the Sprint NAP router off the net while we figure out what's wrong. [That,
by the way, is why it's so important to see as many networks in as many
places as possible.]

We've spent the time since try to determine if we have:

- a FDDI problem
- an RSP problem
- an undesirable SMDS/IOS interaction (we use SMDS to get into Pennsauken
from our net)
- some other undesireable hardware/IOS interaction
- routing or other configuration on the Pennsauken router
- routing or other configuration on any other router

I'll let you know what we find out. We've pretty much eliminated routing
or FDDI, and are looking at SMDS/IOS or some other config issue.


BTW: when Kent's traceroute failed, that particular address was also
unreachable from other nets.