AGIS has made it a 5-NAP requirement - and the AADS and PacBell NAPs
are not the easiest to get into on 1-day notice.

What I heard them say was that you had to peer with them in every NAP
where they were present...implying that if they go into a sixth NAP,
their peering requirement increases.

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So far from what I have gathered, everyone is afraid of being used as a
transit point. There is a very simple solution available which I can't
figure out why people are not using.

Both peers charge each other for the bits being peered. So now if one
peer is being used as a transit point, then they get compensated for it.


15443621 bits -> 15443621 bits
20000000 bits <- 20000000 bits

Difference 4556379 bits additional sent from BBB to AAA

Applying lets say 1 cent per 100 bit charge, AAA gets $455.64 from BBB


Now with this kind of peering arrangement, no one has to be worried about
being used as a transit point -- infact they will want to be used as a
transit point.

This will also allow medium sized ISPs to peer with each-other.

So here is my question -- why is this kind of arrangement not being used


Because direction of traffic flow is meaningless as an indicator of
direction of value flow, if you will.

I send 5MB across Sprint's network. Am I responsible for paying for that
traffic, or is Sprint? Think carefully before you answer, or better yet,
check what the NANOG archives have to say on the topic.

Let's I'll be ISP having peering to the Sprint.
And will be connected to Sprint.

My customer requested the image from WWW.PLAYBOY.COM.

WWW.PLAYBOY.COM send this via Sprint -> Relcom.

My customer is person who initiated this request. He have paid me.
Sprint is network have sent this for me.

Q. Who have to pay? Those who _sent_ bits? It's in opposition to
INTERNET. Those who initiated request?

If we'll choose second case (I'll pay for bits received from the Sprint)
anybody in Sprint may send me any amount of bits withouth my request -
and I can't pay for it.

There is great difference with PTT telephone network, or ATM - this cases
I'll initiate connection to and that's why I'll pay for
it. But IP is connectionless network.

The bookkeeping costs $2000 per month for *BOTH* providers to monitor
this, collect data, collect bills, etc....

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