From recent discussions on this list, I thought that the reason that DIGEX

could not reach AGIS sites (and vice-versa) was because of AGIS's new
peering policy, and not because of a circuit disconnection.

Problems Reaching DIGEX -- UPDATED 10:40 EST October 29, 1996

Digex has disconnected their ANS circuit. We previously saw Digex routes
only through ANS (our direct connection with Digex has been gone for a few
months now). Since Digex is at too few NAPs to peer with AGIS, and they
are not at the CIX, we see no routes from them.

This is inaccurate. DIGEX <-> AGIS peering sessions were up until 2-3 weeks
ago. I believe DIGEX informed AGIS that their ANS transit was going to go away
and it would cause connectivity problems if AGIS took down the peering


So now we all watch to see who blinks first, or is universal
connectivity no longer a goal? I suppose each side is blaming the
other. What a way to run Internet.

Best Regards,
Robert Laughlin

Now its a question of whether Digex should run a DS3 connection to
another NAP [Isn't 4 the requirement?] or continue to pay ANS for the

This is just a guess, but I suspect Digex will lose more customers if
they cannot connect to Agis than the other way around. However I am not
intimately familiar with either networks customer base.


Yes, but this was not AGISs fault, DIGEX does not meet their peering
requirements. It sucks, to start out connected to MAE-East, MAE-West,
Ameritech NAP, CIX, PACBell, and Sprint, but that is what you need to do.
I had the same problem, my new investors wanted to know why we were
starting day one with full DS3s and connecting to 7 NAPs.

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