Agenda item for Nanog?

I could say some worlds about this if anyone is interested and there
are 20 minutes avaliable on the Nanog agenda.



Worlds first transatlantic 155Mbit native IP service

On Monday 23 September 1996 00:15 UTC,

Was the worlds first transatlantic 155Mbit native IP service brought
into operation by Sprint/USA and Tele2/Sweden.

The circuit which is part of SprintLink and ICMnet runs between the
NY-NAP in Pennsauken, NJ, USA and Tele2 in Sweden and uses Cisco
packet-over-sonet/sdh technology. (Native IP over SDH)

In 1995 the same team from Sprint and Tele2 brought up the worlds first
transatlantic E3 service between the same endpoints.

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I for one would be very interested.


I sure would like to hear 20 minutes on this!