Agenda for next NANOG

i think this is somewhat related busy naps and overloaded
interconnects and i'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this kind
of thing. i've noticed in debugging on my border router at mae west
(the only place i actually looked at this) there is a lot of
broadcast traffic that shouldn't even be propogated at a nap, such as:

Sep 5 09:07:02.424: UDP: rcvd src=,
Sep 5 09:07:02.424: UDP: rcvd src=,

  this is a unix box i'm guessing trying to get information via whod
on the fddi ring at mae west. i've logged a large number of these
broadcasts this evening, all within milliseconds of each other.
seems to me we (collectively) don't want/need to see this type of
traffic floating around when we're trying to push real customer
traffic through the interconnects.

  or how about broadcasting bootp/tftp requests across the ring?
i've logged an equally large number of these tonight:

Sep 5 09:06:12.735: UDP: rcvd src=, dst=
), length=
Sep 5 09:06:12.735: BOOTP: opcode 1 from host on Fddi10/0,
64508 secs,

  and even better:

Sep 5 09:20:16.714: UDP: rcvd src=,dst=255.255.255
.255(69), length=29

  is someone trying to pull a config (any config) via tftp from
whomever happens to have one? this kind of traffic just seems very
wasteful and unneeded at the naps.

  i can't see that this is even useful to the folks doing it. more
traffic clogging up the pipes.