again: how to get an IP from

I'm a bit puzzled. Last week I filled in the form to get an IP for PAIX-NYC. Received an automated response that the request has been submitted.

No response yet after 4 or 5 days, but at all of a sudden our IP is listed. Is this really the official way to apply for an exchange IPv4 address (don't consider to apply ever for a IPv6 address).

Or am I just too dumb to find the right track?

Fredy K�nzler
Init Seven AG / AS13030

the paix engineering team does the assignments for PAIX
  exchanges. we (EP) just shunt the request to them.
  <> should respond tothe requestor
  with the address assigned.
  wrt IPv6... why not?

--bill wrote:
> the paix engineering team does the assignments for PAIX exchanges.
> we (EP) just shunt the request to them. <> should
> respond to the requestor with the address assigned.

Ok, little mis-understanding. The PAIX form asks for the ip address, there is no mark that the ip should be issued by the exchange. Maybe you could either 'cc the requestor or make a note at the form.

Thanks anyway.

> wrt IPv6... why not?

another thing the world does not need


So why do you peer IPv6 at NYIIX, AMSIX and probably other IXPs as

What strikes me odd is that PAIX-* still uses crufty 6BONE 3ffe space
for their peering LANs and according to what I hear don't consider
changing that atm, although ARIN issues IXP microallocations.


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You mean another thing your little part of the world does not need ?
Fortunately Switzerland has already a number of IPv6 enabled ISP's* who
can even deliver it to the doorstep of their users. Your world will get
it too at a certain point, then you will have to run through the snow,
falling down hard all the time, while maybe now you could still walk
through the snow and have a good grip on stuff, not bumping into the
floor too hard :wink:



* =


Perhaps you tags are not working 100% properly... :wink:

Why do YOU think the world doesnt need IPv6?

Because atm YOU can get IPv4 addresses in a cheap and easy way?
Because you perceive NAT as the ultimate technology, that solves all YOUR problems?



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Daniel Roesen wrote:

Regardless of how many people think and believe "IPv6 is broken by design",
the IPv6 Global Routing Table is consistently increasing with more and more
ISPs joining the new world with RIR allocations. It is growing rather slow,
but certainly more people are waking up to prepare for the new world in the near
future. :slight_smile:

If there is one technology that is broken by design, it is NAT.