AfNOG and AfriNIC Joint Announcement: Meetings in April/May 2007

                 8th AfNOG Meeting

                 AfriNIC-6 Meeting

The African Network Operators' Group (AfNOG) and the African Network
Information Centre (AfriNIC) are pleased to announce that the 8th AfNOG
Meeting and the AfriNIC-6 Meeting will be held in Abuja, Nigeria, in
April/May 2007.

About the entire event

     AfNOG and AfriNIC are jointly organizing a two-week event
     that includes the AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology
     (offering advanced training in a week-long hands-on workshop),
     several full-day Advanced Tutorials, a one-day AfNOG Meeting,
     and a two-day AfriNIC Meeting.

     In addition, several side meetings and workshops will be hosted
     in collaboration with other organizations such as the AAU and ISOC.

     Further information about the event may be found at
     <> and <>.


     AfNOG Workshop 23 - 27 April 2007 (Sunday - Friday)
     AfriNIC IPV6 W/shop 28 - 29 April 2007 (Saturday - Sunday)
     AfREN Meeting 28 - 29 April 2007 (Saturday - Sunday)
     AfNOG Tutorials 29 - 30 April 2007 (Sunday - Monday)
     AfriNIC LIR W/shop 30 April (Monday)
     AfNOG Meeting 1 May 2007 (Tuesday)
     AfriNIC-6 Meeting 2 - 3 May 2007 (Wednesday - Thursday)
     INET Africa Day 4 May 2007 (Friday)


     The exact venue has not yet been finalized. Updated information
     will be made available at <> and

About AfNOG

     AfNOG (see <>) is a forum for cooperation
     and the exchange of technical information between operators of
     Internet-connected networks in Africa. AfNOG has organized
     an event like this one every year since 2000.

About AfriNIC

     AfriNIC (see <>) is a Regional Internet
     Registry (RIR), responsible for Internet Number resources Mangement
     in the Africa region. AfriNIc organizes two Public Policy meetings
     every year (see <>).