Advisory — D-root is changing its IPv4 address on the 3rd of January.

Concomittant wirh reduced risk assessment capability?

For anyone who is worried that the root server change might impact them,
they can go to and download the root
zone file. It probably won't need to be updated again until the next round
of gTLDs is approved.

Err, no.

The root zone changes twice a day and its contents change quite frequently as TLD managers update their name servers, do key rollovers, etc.

If you're going to copy the root zone, I'd recommend using a zone transfer from the name servers described in or, at the very least, set up a cron job to pull the root zone twice a day.

WRT the root _hints_ change, setting up a cron job to pull, verify, and install the root hints file periodically (once a month should probably be sufficient) would probably be a good idea.


This change appears to have been completed, as of root zone serial 2013010300:

[krill:~]% host has address has IPv6 address 2001:500:2d::d
[krill:~]% curl -s | fgrep D.ROOT
D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. 3600000 AAAA 2001:500:2D::smiley:

The authoritative location of the root hints file is <> and those who feel like being tidy DNS admins could pull a fresh copy from there so that the next time their nameserver is restarted it will prime optimally.

As discussed at some length before, those who prefer to be more hands-off about this will very likely see no negative impact from their laziness.


Perhaps someone at could explain why the file in the first directory is WRONG but that in the second includes the correct info?
[legacy cron jobs pointing at FTP. will obviously not succeed]

; This file is made available by InterNIC
; under anonymous FTP as
; file /domain/named.cache
; on server FTP.INTERNIC.NET


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