Advice on dealing with Sprint

RISCOM and ethernet drivers and PPP stack for it :slight_smile:

Yeah I know :slight_smile: Although I know that from history and not the current
2.1 sources. You don't fancy doing a NetBSD driver ? :wink:

Unfortunately you're comparing apples and elephants. ICM routers
were (and still are) the most convolutedly configured and most
overtaxed routers in the universe. Running a week-old revision of
cisco code, at that, because previous releases had bugs which made
it even less useful.

Well we were plugged into SL-DC-2 then SL-DC-14, not sure about the latter,
but yeah I remember the situation at the time. It was fun! :slight_smile:

INSC had a big staffing problem -- as soon as a new person learned
stuff he's leaving for a salary two times higher, and for a much
less stressful environment. Sprint management was never able to
recognize the fact that Internet backbone skills is a seller's market.

Yah, I wish someone would point that out to ISP's in the UK :wink: