Advice on dealing with Sprint

When you were at Sprint, I was at Demon and we BGP peered with
Sprint first using NetBSD/sparc IPX's with Morningstar PPP
then using BSD/OS and RISCOM N2 cards. One thing that I remember is
that your routers went insane _far_ more often that ours did.

Take a look someday in the BSD/OS sources to find out who wrote
RISCOM and ethernet drivers and PPP stack for it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you're comparing apples and elephants. ICM routers
were (and still are) the most convolutedly configured and most
overtaxed routers in the universe. Running a week-old revision of
cisco code, at that, because previous releases had bugs which made
it even less useful.

INSC were never much use and the only way we got things done was to
cc: you and Sean in any reporting of faults. Nevertheless, both you
and Sean where always very helpful.

INSC had a big staffing problem -- as soon as a new person learned
stuff he's leaving for a salary two times higher, and for a much
less stressful environment. Sprint management was never able to
recognize the fact that Internet backbone skills is a seller's market.