Advice on dealing with Sprint

Subject: Re: Advice on dealing with Sprint

  >From: Jon Green <>

  >I considered that, actually. :slight_smile:

Don't forget mac addresses..

  >That goes without saying. If I didn't know how to configure it, I'd go
  >buy a 2500 and let someone else manage it for me, like many other ISPs do.
  >As it is, I'm quite familiar with how my routers work, and what their
  >capabilities are. I wish other people were.. I'm always surprised when
  >engineers from MCI tell me "Oh, Bay Networks can't do BGP4" (ignoring the
  >fact that I *am* doing it with them.) I have two Bay BCN routers here,
  >each card in the router has a 60MHz processor and 64MB of memory. One
  >processor card is designated as the BGP soloist, and *all* it does is
  >process BGP. If I want one, I can get a processor card that has dual
  >PPC chips on it that will run as a BGP soloist. If anyone thinks Bay
  >can't do BGP4, I'd be happy to give them a tour. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Bay routers do BGP4, and do it quite a bit.. :slight_smile: