Advice/Experience with small sized DDWM gear

I would be interested in recommendations for specific hardware. We
are looking at longer runs and the units must be NEBS compliant as the
nodes are in telco COs.



My primary responsibility here is engineering exactly these kinds of

The biggest difference between CWDM systems and DWDM systems is system
reach. Most CWDM systems are designed for short haul applications like
yours (approx 20km and under. Most DWDM systems are designed for much
more expansive requirements (50-600km). The primary reason for this is
amplification and laser power. CWDM systems use low power uncooled
lasers that can drift in frequency making it hard for them to pack many
channels into the limited transmission window provided by available
fiber. Amplifiers will raise the system cost. DWDM systems use higher
power lasers that are actively cooled to make them stable in frequency
and consequently, you can fit more into the transmission window. They
get system reach by using optical amplifiers.

I've had great experience with several vendors but ultimately your
choice depends on your particular situation and requirements. CWDM will
be much lower cost. Look at the ONLINE 2500 series from Ciena or the
CWDM options from Movaz Networks. But don't stop there. There are MANY
other CWDM vendors that can help you.

Don't forget to check what kinds of channel bandwidths are supported.
Some can provide actual BER information for each muxed channel.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me. wrote: