advice dealing with clean-mx


I've lurked on this list for a while - I have an issue that I need help

I work for a company that does fraud detection we host our servers on
physica hardware in managed hosting datacenters (softlayer, hertzer,
coresites, etc).

Recently we were flagged for malware buy clean-mx. It was the IP of an
haproxy loadbalancer.

I followed up by following the link to clean-mx. It looked as if the score
was based upon information from the following sites:

When I checked the ip in question against these sites all the checks passed
exceptfor one - fortinet. And fortinet indicated that it was an unknown
signature - not specifically malware.

So it appeared clean.

I am hesitant to deal directly with clean-mx as we do not have any existing
relationship and frankly a google search turns up many horror stories.

I am mindful that these may be the 'stories' of frustrated fraudsters.

I honestly do not know how to evaluate this situation. If clean-mx is legit
then it would make sense to have a relationship with them . If they are
not then how does one deal with them?

thank you


Follow-up off-list.

- - ferg