Advice and Directions to Grand Hyatt

Let me try. I know I like to cut and paste driving directions
from email into my Pilot. [Wish it had a backlight. :slight_smile: ]

First, if you are flying in, I strongly recommend that you take the
shuttle to the hotel and avoid renting a car. If you need to rent
a car for a day, there are many car rental locations near the hotel.
I often use Budget on Mason St, for example. There are a lot of
attractions within walking distance of the hotel. Fisherman's Wharf
is a bit of a hike, but you can try to take a cable car. A cab
would cost about $6-7 from the hotel to Fisherman's Wharf.
Chinatown is within easy walking distance, but I don't recommend
the food. Plenty of good food downtown.

Second, don't forget Oakland airport. There are shuttles from
Oakland airport into the city, so Oakland is a good alternative
depending on where you are coming from.

Third, driving directions from the Penninsula downtown:

Paul, take 101N past the San Francisco International airport.
You have the choice of taking 101N to I-80 or you can take 280.
If you take 101N to I-80, take the last exit before the Bay
Bridge (Fourth St.) You will find yourself heading east toward
the Bay on Bryant St. Stay to the left and turn left on Third.
Follow Third north across Market St. about six blocks.

(Market St is hard to cross, so if you find yourself on
Market unable to turn left (north) toward downtown, just follow
it down to the bay and go back up California, for example.)

If you stayed on Third, you cross Market and find yourself on
Kearny St. Go two blocks (north) to Sutter. Turn left on Sutter
and go two blocks to Stockton. Turn left on Stockton and the
hotel is the first building on your right. The hotel has valet
parking, but no self parking lot. There are lots in the area.

Grand Hyatt
345 Stockton St
at Union Square


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